Founded in 2012, Comelody’s mission is to make it easier for musicians, composers and producers to unlock their creativity by creating innovating products

“We all have our own mix of unique internal rules we abide by. It is these values that we constantly adhere to, deviating with rare exception, that I call our Immutable Laws. When we do deviate from them for some reason, our emotions punch us dead center in the face and remind us how bad it is to compromise our own internal laws. Like the long arm of the law, every time we break our own laws our conscience catches us again and punishes us. To be successful as an entrepreneur you must abide by your own Immutable Laws. Your values say a lot about who you are, which in turn says a lot about the type of business you will create. You must ensure absolute consistency between your values and your business. If everything you do in your company is consistent with your values, you will be happy and always inspired to work. But Immutable Laws are far more than the source of our inspiration and emotional satisfaction; they are the filters for every consideration in your business. Who should you hire? What should you sell? How should your customer service function? What vendors should you work with? Who are the customers you want to service? Any question you have about your business must pass the filter of your Immutable Laws. If they don’t match, don’t do it.” — Mike Michalowicz, TPE

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